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Current year

The year is 2422. There are now 400 years since we sent advanced ships to discover another habitable planet. Researchers discovered the closest class M planet, Khyron. The satellite images reveal the great potential for sustaining human life. The planet is defined by the marvelous colors of its nature.


Where is the planet located? Khyron is situated in Betelgeuse solar system in the Orion constellation. Compared to earth, the gravity is a little stronger, which will make us a little heavy. The temperature is similar, averaging 24 degrees, and has the same four seasons. We don’t have too much information about the weather. We are estimating that there are extreme cases of weather, but will be rare and do not pose a critical threat. Earthquakes are a big concern on earth and we will encounter them on Khyron too. The planet has hazardous and unstable tectonic plates. Even if it may sound bad, we prepared for this with spaceships designed to sustain the waves. Great news comes from the planet’s ability to regenerate its resources. It is fast, extremely fast. This will help us to speed up the process of building and reduce the necessity of searching for new resource locations.

Solar system

The journey is long, very long. Too long for a human. It will take us 4 human generations to get the first person to touch its surface. Overcoming this means designing ships that will sustain life on a period this long. The latest prototype release two years ago almost checks all the necessary modules for this. The life support module provides oxygen for up to 100 people for 4 generations and some backup in case of failures. The ship is designed to rotate and create artificial gravity. A top priority holds the medical. Food supplies are achieved using techniques to grow food and animals inside the ship. And … let’s not forget about the entertainment. We don’t want people to be bored to death.

Sending ships

Throwback to 2022. Proving the planet can sustain life is the necessary factor to get approvals to send humans. There is a large queue list for people that want to try this. The spirit of adventure is beyond our world. The first step was to send a lot of artificial intelligence powered ships. Newly designed robots were designed to build the necessary buildings on Khyron. With jet propulsion, mining drills, and scanners, they can overcome almost any obstacle. The software is created to mimic our behavior and do the necessary tasks. It was developed by multiple teams and incorporated into multiple types of robots.

Last updated: 14 DEC 2021