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Test version

The style of the game is science fiction and 2D present-future animated graphics. Khyron Realm is made for casual users and can be played in short (~7 minutes) bursts. It is specially designed for mobile devices and is available for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Core loop

The core loop of the game has four features:

  • Build & Upgrade spaceship hubs and robots to improve the development of the planet. The research allows upgrading the efficiency and performance of the robots and hubs. The process is dependent on energy.
  • Collaboration allows users to share the planet's resources and collaborate in the development process.
  • Gather resources is the process of converting the equipment built by the user into resources that are extracted from the planet's mines.
  • Conversion of resources into energy completes the loop and gives the power for all the equipment to operate.

Last updated: 14 DEC 2021